what is patch?

Patch is a hybrid gardening/virtual pet game! The type of care you give your seed will influence the kind of pet it becomes after it blooms.


Patch has two stages of care: Sprout and Blossom. Begin in the Sprout stage where you will plant your magical seed and care for it until it blooms. Give your Pal food and water and watch it grow! Adjust the sunlight to your liking in order to influence what type of Pal you'll pick.

When the sprout finally blooms, you may click the flower to pick your Patch Pal and move to the Blossom stage. At this point you will also need to give your pal love and prune it to remove pesky leaves. Keep your eye on your Pal's Attention (!) meters to keep it healthy. You can also give your Pal a name during this stage.

Click on the ! icon to view your Pal's current status. When a meter is full, your Pal is good to go. Your Patch Pal will alert you when it needs food, water, or love; at this time the meter will be empty and you will hear a notification. In case your game is muted, the ! icon will also blink.

about the patch team

Hello~ My name is Emmer, and I'm extremely new to game dev. I work at a university library full-time and work creatively in my spare time! My background is in graphic design with a focus in illustration. This is my very first game designing a game and my very first jam. You can read my devlog here.

My Patch partner is Liam who VERY KINDLY acted as my mentor and programmer throughout the jam. He works part-time making games for a university and the other part making games with his pals. (Here's their game, wow! โ†’ http://superslimearena.net/)

Patch was made for My First Game Jam: Winter 2018

Notification sound by FoolBoyMedia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsemirosan, fratturobot
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful, Cute, Gardening, My First Game Jam, Unity, Virtual Pet


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this game is so cute! unfortunately after taking quite a while for my plant to grow, once i had my little buddy i could no longer use any of the buttons to feed/water/love them. the exclamation mark keeps pinging me, and i keep clicking every button, but none of the bars are filling anymore! i feel bad for them. otherwise this is a nice game to leave on in the background, and i wish i had the patience to see what other kinds of pets i can get!

Same! I am not sure what is wrong, I click everything and nothing is happening to my little guy. 

that is just happening at the start for me..